On this site you can take a look to the countries and cities, where I've been with my truck. 
Postcard from Munich, Capital of bavarian country

East germany befor 1989 GDR

Here I'm standing in Umea-Holmsund/Sweden to decharger four Coils for Volvo.

Leaving Hamburg Truckstop Stillhorn. This Photo was made by my sweetheart Doris,she was my shotgun on this trip.

On the road to Strasbourg (Capitol of Europe) Strasbourg. Strasbourg is in France

On the road to Marseille. Marseille is in France too.

The Smart - Factory in Hambach/France. So much little cars at one place. I don't like small cars.
A Postcard form the Vogues/France

Pretty liitle village in France

Frontiertown in France near to Saarbruecken/Germany.

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