What means MaLiDo
means Matthias (Matthew) Lindblom Dortmund. I was born in Brilon. It was a hot day in July in the year 1961. In Luedenscheid I went to scholl, and lived there 34 years of my life. Now I live in Dortmund (The heart of Northrine Westphalia) 40 km from my old hometown. I wish I could be an american. I like America.

My occupation
I'm a trucker with all of my heart, and I'm truckin' since 16 years now.

This is my truck

More pics you can find under the menu "On the road"

My Hobbies
I like listen to Countrymusic, to travel, to ride my bycicle.

That's me

That's me.

The music that you are listen to is my own song. I composed it in 1994. Please don't save it on your Computer.




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